Alle teamleden van True Colors spreken zowel Nederlands als Engels en zijn dus tweetalig. Ze zijn speciaal opgeleid en bovendien gekwalificeerd om met jonge kinderen te werken. In ons team zitten ook pedagogisch coaches . Zij bieden ook extra ondersteuning indien dit nodig mocht zijn.

Opgeleide EHBO’ers

Alle leden van ons team zijn opgeleid voor het verlenen van eerste hulp aan kinderen en BHV. We houden hun kennis up to date en bieden ons team talrijke andere gespecialiseerde trainingen aan.

Pedagogisch medewerkers in de kinderopvang

Iedere groep beschikt permanent over zijn eigen team van tweetalige pedagogisch medewerkers. Zij richten zich vooral op het welzijn van uw kind en de voorbereiding van het kind op de basisschool. Of uw kind nu met 4 jaar naar een Nederlandse basisschool gaat of met 3 jaar naar een internationale school , onze pedagogisch medewerkers weten precies wat ze nodig hebben. Minstens een keer per jaar bespreken de pedagogisch medewerkers de ontwikkeling van uw kind met u en delen met u hun inzichten.

U kunt op elk gewenst moment een extra gesprek aanvragen door contact op te nemen met een van de pedagogisch medewerkers.

Meet team True Colors Rijswijk


Anna Klomp

I really enjoy guiding the children in their journey to discover what their interests and talents are.


Eva Cizmarova

I was born in Slovakia and moved to in the Netherlands in 2000. I have been working in childcare since 2004, and still enjoy it a lot! Especially the creative activities and reading books with the children. And I love giving the babies all the care and attention they need.


Krisna van 't Hof

I love working with children. Their smile makes my day!


Marie Kamara

I like working with children because every day is different. They are spontaneous, impulsive and enthusiastic. To contribute to their development is my passion.


Mary Daudey

I’m married and have two children and 2 grandchildren. My hobbies are Diamond Painting and doing puzzles. I’ve been a housekeeper for True Colors Rijswijk since 2003. Working together with my colleagues and the enthusiasm of the children are what I love most about my job.


Miena Oemraw

I’m a flexible, social and energetic member of our childcare team. The children are my first priority. I take time to play with them and during activities I try to teach them things associated with the theme we’re working on.


Chantal Kort

I love working with children and watching them grow and develop from a baby into a toddler.


Karima Ballafkih

My name is Karima Ballafkih. I’m taking care of the warm meals at True Colors for more than 11 years now. Cooking is one of my favourite. And to see the happy faces from the childeren is so inspired.


Mechteld Griethuijsen

I love to watch children grow and help them to develop themselves to become the amazing people that they are.


Merel Huurman

When I was young, I lived in America, Australia and England for a few years. Now, I live in Delft with my husband, son and daughter. Diving, snorkelling, traveling and crafts are a few of my hobbies. When we have time, we like to go to Zeeland to dive in the Oosterschelde




Melany Thunnissen

I go to work every day with lots of passion and love! I really enjoy working at True Colors because we become the home from home for our children. We’re a community and respect each other’s culture and beliefs. I love doing art and crafts with the children. Using different materials and letting our imagination go free.







Meet team True Colors Delft


Ana Moreno

¡Hola a todos! I’m a Spanish native speaker, raised in Málaga. My international background sparked my interest in living in other countries and learning their languages, cultures and traditions. I’m passionate about education, discovering new things and working with children. You’ll often see me at their level, playing, talking or singing to them!


Anna Blasiak

I have several years of experience in childcare and teaching in Poland, Austria, Georgia, Germany, Ireland and now in the Netherlands. I enjoy working with the children to create a learning environment that supports their holistic development and fosters their bilingual abilities. I’m creative and passionate about art and craft activities.


Arianna de Simone

I love to share my creativity with the children and I’m always looking for challenging and interesting activities. For me, the interaction with the children is really important, both through cuddling, playing games and also by talking about their personal stories. I love crafts, music, nature and travelling.


Debbie Braber

Working at True Colors feels like being part of a family to me. This is the feeling I want to give to the children in our group when they leave.


Giovanna Ajaiso

The reason I love working with children is because I’m fascinated by their development. It’s wonderful to see how a child grows from a baby into toddler. And what they learn in that period of time. I really enjoy watching them growing and learning, and being part of this amazing process.


Gladys Diaz-Murillo

I was born in Colombia and also lived in Mexico before we moved to the Netherlands. I grew up in a mixed Dutch/Colombian family. I’ve worked in various childcare centres since 1992. What I like most about working with children is that they are open and eager to learn. I’m most happy when I can help children and their parents with what they need.


Maaike Knot

Originally from Delft I am in love with the international aspect of this city! At home I speak both English and Dutch. That's why working at True Colors is a perfect job for me! I really enjoy to work with all these different cultures and languages. I try to learn something from everyone. At work I very much enjoy to make music with the children, or to make a little trip to explore nature.


Magdalena Luczak

I have enjoyed working with children in day care for over 10 years in the UK, Poland and the Netherlands. I love the opportunity to learn about different cultures from around the world. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a caring and innovative childcare centre like True Colors, where I can continue with my passion for teaching young children.


Mariam Sury

Born and educated in the Netherlands, I spent 11 years working in different schools and daycare centres in the UK. Being part of the True Colours team has so far been a great experience. It’s amazing to see how children speak two or even more languages at such a young age. I really love working with children from different backgrounds and cultures.


Nienke van Rooyen

I love the different nationalities at True Colors: comforting a child who doesn’t understand me. Singing, bringing books alive, hide-and-seek and giving children space to explore. Connecting with a child is priceless! I enjoy making plans with the children and helping them become independent and confident. And I’m passionate about our garden.


Sanne Jans

I’ve been working with children from all different backgrounds since 2003. I started working for True Colors after spending 1 ½ years working in the UK. I love being surrounded by nature, so I enjoy taking the children on adventures outside, to explore everything around us!


Shelley Rijnenberg

I work on all the groups and get the chance to get to know the children and have a good overview of the pedagogic atmosphere on the group. I love to see how the children continue to grow and develop in their own unique way thanks to a lot of love and attention from us. As a pedagogical coach I am partly responsible for the pedagogical atmosphere at True Colors Delft. Together with the teachers I plan the themes and activities, providing a continuous line to school.


Regina Stork

I’ve been working at SRK since 2003. In 2007, I was appointed manager of the international childcare centres, now known as True Colors. What I love about my work is that, in between all the meetings, talking, thinking, schedules, policies etc, I can still get enormously distracted by all these wonderful children. I love chatting to them and giving them a big hug when I can.


Tasha Olszyk

I studied developmental psychology in the United States, where I began working as a therapist for children with special needs, particularly Autism and learning disorders. During summers, I like to volunteer my time teaching English to children as a second language. I truly appreciate working here at True Colors, for its international diversity and how much we can learn from eachother's cultural backgrounds.



Working in an international environment brings me joy. I love to learn about different cultures and help children and teachers from all around the world to feel at home. I am passionate about teaching children, encouraging them to do things in their own way, discovering their talents and observing their developments. Everyday I enjoy sharing my love, creativity and imagination with children.




Marie Kamara

I like working with children because every day is different. They are spontaneous, impulsive and enthusiastic. To contribute to their development is my passion.


Mechteld Griethuijsen

I love to watch children grow and help them to develop themselves to become the amazing people that they are.

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