All members of the True Colors childcare team are bilingual in Dutch and English. They are specifically trained and qualified to work with young children. In addition, we also have pedagogical experts on our staff. They provide extra support where necessary.

Trained in first aid

All members of our childcare team are trained in first-aid for children and emergency assistance (‘BHV’). We are constantly updating their training and provide numerous other specialist programmes for our staff.

Childcare teachers

Each group has its own permanent team of bilingual teachers. Their focus is on your child’s wellbeing and preparing them for primary school. Whether your child will be going to a Dutch primary school at 4 years, or will be enrolled for the international school from 3 years, our teachers know what they need. At least once a year they will discuss your child’s development with you and offer important insights into your child’s development.

You can request anytime an extra meeting with them by contacting one of the teachers of your child’s group.

How can we help you?

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