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Learning healthy habits is easier than unlearning unhealthy habits at a later date. This is why it’s important that children acquire healthy eating habits at a young age. Christa Doppert (Manager True Colors Rijswijk) and Regina Stork (Manager True Colors Delft) explain how we’re ensuring that children at our childcare centres get a balance of healthy food and drink options.

What’s healthy?

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre (Voedingscentrum) has translated the national Guidelines for Good Nutrition into recommendations for different age groups and put these in to the ‘Wheel of Five’ (Schijf van Vijf).

The Wheel of Five consists of five sections, each covering different types of products that have been scientifically found to be good for your body. Using the Wheel of Five as a basis for our diet, ensures we get enough protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It offers a varied diet that is suited to a child’s stage of development.

The right partners

“In our childcare centres, there are a variety of eating and drinking moments throughout the day, and our staff play a major role in a child’s dietary upbringing,” Regina explains. “To ensure we offer our children a healthy and balanced diet in our childcare centres, True Colors has carefully selected catering partners with years of experience in preparing and providing healthy food to both families and organisations such as childcare centres.”

“At True Colors Rijswijk, we work with apetito,” Christa adds. “This is a company that has been supplying tasty and healthy meals based on traditional Dutch recipes and international cuisine for more than 50 years. We also appreciate the fact that apetito is focused on sustainability in their approach to delivering quality food for our children.”

A shared vision

“At True Colors Delft, we work with Madaga,” Regina tells us. “Like us, they too are dedicated to ensuring children learn to enjoy healthy food and appreciate new tastes from a very early age. The Madaga mission to provide a new generation of children’s food that makes a genuine contribution to sustainability is also a perfect fit for our own vision for healthy childcare,”

Fresh ingredients

“Both apetito and Madaga use fresh ingredients in their meals and are able to cater for specific diets and allergies, for example low salt, gluten-free, vegetarian,” Regina stresses. “They also offer pureed food as babies learn to appreciate new tastes and get used to healthy eating.”

For further details of our Healthy Eating partners, visit their websites:

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