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In a country with so much water everywhere, it’s important that children learn how to swim. We live in an area with lots of swimming pools, recreational lakes and, of course, the sea. And we love spending time in the water. That’s why we think it is important that children learn how to swim at an early age. True Colors Delft is working together with Sportfondsenbad to offer 2 Dutch swimming certificates: diploma A and diploma B.


Swimming lessons are available for all children aged 4.5 years and older who do not yet possess their A diploma.

On Wednesdays, swimming lessons for beginners (the first level) are from 2:15 PM to 3:00 PM, and the advanced levels for the A diploma are from 1:30 PM to 2:15 PM. Swimming lessons for the B diploma are from 2:15 PM to 3:00 PM.

If your child attends on Wednesdays, the after-school care will take your child to the Sportfondsenbad Delft, Weteringlaan 1 in Delft. They will also bring your child back to True Colors Delft.

How can I register my child for swimming lessons?

You can register your child from the age of 4 through the webshop of Sportfondsenbad Delft.

Go to waiting lists and register your child for the Wednesday waiting list for beginners at 2:15 PM, advanced at 1:30 PM/3:15 PM. In the comments, mention that your child wants to swim through True Colors Childcare. The registration is complete when you have made a payment via iDeal. Your child will then be placed on the waiting list.

Inform True Colors Childcare that your child is registered. The contact person at True Colors Childcare will relay this information to Sportfondsenbad, which will link your child to True Colors Childcare in the system (for future payments).

When can my child start swimming lessons?

Children on the waiting list are called in order of registration date and must be at least 4.5 years old. When it’s your child’s turn, True Colors Childcare will inform you. Payments for the lesson card are processed through after-school care at the applicable rate (purchase of a lesson card for every 5 lessons).

You will receive more information through after-school care.


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