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Inclusion can sometimes be quite an emotional topic. That is why we pay attention to it as early as day care. And why we playfully introduce children to diversity at an early age: everyone is different and that is fine.

Childcare as mini-society
First and foremost: We should treat each other with equivalence, no matter our color, religion, background, sex, age, sexual preference, disability, behavior or body image. Yet to apply it in our day care and really act on inclusion, we need to use equity.

Everybody is different and children see this difference at a young age. Children see the difference in skin color already around the age of 1,5 and often even earlier. If we act as if there is no difference, we take away the chances for them to really accept and learn about these differences.

Books and materials
At True Colors, we have a lot of beautiful books that we use as a window or a mirror. Books can function as windows so children get to see and discover a new world and books can function as mirrors so children can recognize themselves.

But Inclusion is more than only books. Inclusion means fully adjusting the way we use toys in our day care (for example dolls, crafting material, dress-up clothes), celebrating different holidays and the way we speak, act and share our opinions with respect to each other.

Keeping an open mind on the subject of inclusion is incredibly important to us. Do you have any ideas regarding this topic? Feel free to share them with our team.

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