We are proud of the quality of our childcare. Our inspired, professional staff, modern rooms and our quality policy all contribute to safe, healthy and good childcare.

Legal requirements and quality

We naturally work according to the Childcare Act (Wet Kinderopvang), which stipulates the legal requirements for pedagogy, safety and health in childcare. Annually, and occasionally unannounced, the GGD (the Public Health Service) checks our locations. During their visit they look at our pedagogical methods and inspect the levels of health and safety. Most of the time everything is in perfect order. If something is not as it should be, we do our very best to improve it as soon as possible. Following the inspection, the GGD writes a report which we publish on the webpage of your location (Rijswijk and Delft) so that parents can always see how we are doing at True Colors.

Quality in childcare

The quality of care at is not only defined by legislation. The well-being of our staff, the pleasure and development of the children and parent satisfaction are what True Colors really strives for. Do you think we can do (even) better? Or do you have a complaint? Please contact one of our employees or the manager of True Colors. Do you have a remark about the organization of True Colors, or is it possible that you cannot solve the problem with the staff or manager? In that case, please contact the quality department. If you want to know more about our complaints procedure, please click here.

This is why True Colors is affiliated with the Childcare Disputes Commission (Geschillencommissie Kinderopvang) and why we conform to the Childcare Governance Code, the guideline for principled administration and monitoring.

The Parents Committee and Parent Board

Each location has its own Parents Committee. Together with these parents we improve the quality of care and discuss the pedagogical action plan and health and safety issues. Each Parents Committee sends a representative to the Parents Board (Ouderraad). The Parents Board gives advice to the management board on general policy.

The Improvement Meter

We are affiliated with the Improvement Meter (VerbeterMeter). With the Improvement Meter we can ask parents what they think of True Colors and see their answers. For this, parents will occasionally receive a questionnaire. Using these anonymous answers, we can keep improving True Colors.

Suggestions or complaints

We are very happy to discuss any suggestions or complaints you may have about our care or approach. Please contact us by mail or call 070 – 7920104 to let us know if we can improve anything.

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