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In a country with so much water everywhere, it’s important that children learn how to swim. We live in an area with lots of swimming pools, recreational lakes and, of course, the sea. And we love spending time in the water. That’s why we think it is important that children learn how to swim at an early age. True Colors Delft is working together with Sportfondsenbad to offer the first Dutch swimming certificate: diploma A.


Swimming lessons will be available for all children aged 4½years and older, who do not yet have their ‘A’ swimming certificate.

On Wednesdays from 13.45 – 14.30 or 14.30 – 15.15 hours (depending on the swimming level)

If your child is coming on Wednesdays, the after school care will bring your child to the Sportfondsenbad, Weteringlaan 1 in Delft. They will bring your child back to True Colors Delft also.

How can I register my child for swimming lessons?

You can register your child from aged 4 years and they can start lessons once they are 4½ years old.

To enrol your child for swimming lessons, you can register on the website of the swimming pool https://010-100webshop.nexusportal.nl/ Please mention the day and time, that your child is swimming and tell the after school care, that your child is registered for swimming lessons. You will pay the registration fee through i-deal and the normal fee (5 lesson card) through the after school care.

Once you have registered your child for swimming lessons, the swimming pool will put your child on the waiting list. You will receive more information via the after school care.


When can my child start swimming lessons?

Once it is your child’s turn on the waiting list, and provided that they have reached the minimum age of 4½ years, the after school care will send you a message stating that your child can start with their swimming lessons.


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