Horizontal and vertical groups

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At True Colors Delft, we work with so-called horizontal and vertical groups. In horizontal groups, the children are divided according to age group. We have two baby groups (ages 0 to 2) and a toddler group (ages 2 to 4). When they turn 2, children automatically move on to the toddler group. In vertical groups, we take care of babies and children between 0 and 4 years of age.

There are various advantages and disadvantages to both horizontal and vertical groups. Here is a brief summary of these advantages and disadvantages which may make it easier for parents and/or guardians to make a choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of horizontal groups:


– More children of the same age in the group
– Children are often at about the same developmental stage
– Activities are easier to adapt to the age group
– The pedagogical team can specialise specifically on children of this particular age group, and on their development and interests
– Developmental delay is often noticed earlier


– There may be more competition between
children of the same age
– Getting used to a new group when children
move on to a new age group
– Getting used to new children when children
move on to a new age group

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical groups:


– Children can stay in the same group for 4 years
– Children can stay together in the same group
for a long period of time
– Brothers and sisters can be in the same group
– The children stay in the same group area
– Younger children can learn from the older children
– Children learn to be considerate towards each other


– Requires more creativity and flexibility
from the pedagogical team
– It is a challenge for the teachers and childcare
staff to offer age-appropriate activities
– There are not always children of the same age in the group
– Coordinating significant differences in
daily rhythms can be a challenge
– Older and younger children in the group can cause each other problems due to different behaviour and activities

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